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Terms of Service

Simple clarification about our services and how to deal with it

  1. Preface: 
    a. These terms and conditions apply to all products and services provided by Yasham Company. 
    b. Yasham Company is empowered according to its sole discretion and without any responsibility towards the customer to change or amend the percentage of service and minimum requirements applied to any product or service from time to time according to market changes.
  2. Validity of the agreement: 
    a. This Agreement shall be deemed in effect until such time as it is necessary to cancel it. 
    b. The client can request the cancellation of this agreement at any time by giving written notice to Yasham Company a month before the date of cancellation, and the customer must pay all the due wages, and any wages or contributions paid in advance will not be returned. 
    c. Yasham may cancel this agreement in the following cases: 
    - At the request of the official authorities and the competent authorities. 
    - In case the customer breaches any of the conditions of this agreement. 
    - For specific reasons related to the company's interest, in which case a written notice is sent to the customer a month before the cancellation date for the briefing.
  3. Customer's commitment: 
    a. This agreement includes all services provided by Yasham Company to its customers, therefore it is the responsibility of the clients and all beneficiaries of these services to adhere to it. 
    b. Agents, distributors, owners of private servers and their clients are bound by this agreement, and the company will not be obligated to fulfill any obligations to their clients if it does not comply with the provisions of the company. 
    c. Under the signature of this agreement or its use of one of Yasham's products or services, the customer acknowledges that all data provided to Yasham are correct. 
    d. The customer acknowledges his commitment to update his data when the company requests it, or for every period (determined by Yasham Company) as well as update his data whenever there is a change in it so that the company can provide all services to him. 
    e. The client acknowledges his responsibility for all that is offered and offered in any of the services provided to his clients legally. 
    f. To guarantee compensation to the company, in addition to freeing it from any liability or obligations of any kind as a result of breaching any of the conditions of this agreement. 
    g. To inform Yasham Company in the event that the address of the mailbox or e-mail is changed, either in writing or through the technical support service. h. The customer may not engage in activities contrary to the company policy or the policy of the Turkish Republic, such as: 
    a. Contradicting Islamic law or inconsistent with morals, such as links to hostile sites or pornographic sites. 
    b. Illegal use of company services. 
    c. Calling, directly or indirectly, for disturbing public security or inciting violence and terrorism. 
    d. Abuse of the legal rights of others, including but not limited to: 
    - Publish private information about a person without his consent. 
    - Violation of intellectual property rights. 
    - Deliberate information that harms people, official bodies, personal institutions or companies. 
    - Storing or distributing any information, files, or materials in violation of the laws, or even putting links to them: such as pirated programs, hacking programs, and protected registrations. 
    - Use or distribute IRC programs of all kinds or any servicing programs for them on all Yasham servers. 
    - Possession or encouragement to possess or use any of the prohibited activities and programs, whether or not they work, this acquisition will result in taking measures against the user that may reach the point of stopping the service or canceling it altogether. 
    - Yasham company has the right to examine system files, mail, and other data on the company's devices to reveal the blocked contents or any other reasons the company thinks are necessary.
  4. Conditions to be met by the customer: 
    a. The use of Yacham's services requires familiarity with how to use the Internet, its protocols, languages and programs, and the level of knowledge required depends on the method and quality of expected use by the customer and the contents of the storage space. 
    b. The customer acknowledges that he has the knowledge required to deal with the services of Yasham Company, and he acknowledges that the company is not responsible for providing knowledge or support outside the scope of matters related to ensuring that those services continue to operate.
  5. Terms and conditions for using shared system resources: 
    a. If the customer’s account shares with other clients in the system sources such as processing information, memory and network resources, everyone is equal in rights based on the type of paid subscription and no customer has the right to use more than his share, and in the event that happens we will inform the customer and give him the right to choose between promoting the subscription According to his need or to reduce the consumption of system resources to an acceptable level. 
    b. Programs or scripts codes of all kinds such as (GI / PHP / ASP Scripts) can be used by the joint site in the service, and it is prohibited to install programs and then use them by parties outside the scope of service, and in the event that this occurs in a way that affects the performance of devices or the network, these programs will be closed Without prior warning. 
    c. Chat rooms cause a very large waste of system resources, therefore it is not allowed to install chat programs optionally within the hosting spaces on the devices of Yasham Company, but they are provided within the company's services with or without Java, our chat programs are reliable in their performance that do not cause harm to the network or service devices. 
    d. Programs that run in the background or (Cron Jobs) such as (IRC bots), (eggdrop), (BitchX), ((XiRCON) or any other program that might conflict with the tasks of service devices are not allowed to exist, but a special section is provided in the control panel to manage these activities in an organized way that does not harm the network or the service devices. 
    e. Shared hosting accounts: The amount of traffic in the service provided must be distributed on the days of one month provided that it does not exceed 20% of the maximum permitted traffic per month and it is strictly prohibited to take advantage of the entire traffic permitted in one day and suddenly, and when desired The company does this to make the necessary arrangements.
  6. System and Network Security: 
    The initiation to obtain information related to the security of any of the network components, hardware or software, is considered a violation of this agreement and falls under the section of attempting to breach the security of the network and the systems operating on it, this includes but not limited to: 
    a. carrying out without a written authorization access, use, eavesdropping, or searching for components, information, transmission of network security data or usage licenses. 
    b. interference with the services of any user, device or network, and this includes an attempt to drain system resources by transferring large amounts of information in any form or forgery and hiding the sources of any type of information transmitted on the network. 
    c. Contacting servers to try to penetrate or spy on connected networks, directly or indirectly, try to circumvent user access authentication systems, service or network security, track network security systems of any network, or annoy any other systems. 
    d. Any attempt to weaken or cause any harm to the service devices or customers is prohibited, and the use of all Yasham's networks and devices must be subject to the conditions described in this agreement, and failure to do so will result in suspending the account without prior notice.
  7. Email: 
    The use of SPAM mail spam may cause damage to the network, components and contents of Yasham, according to this agreement the following activities are preventing: 
    - Send (spamming) messages not intended for recipient purposes. 
    - Send (spoofing) messages that the recipient cannot answer or know their source. 
    - Send (passive spamming) using external (spamming) for the benefit of our hosting site. 
    - Sending trolling messages to elicit responses. 
    - Sending (mail bombing) annoys a user with messages he does not want to reply to. 
    - Create messages with more than normal number of messages (more than 20% of available system resources). 
    - Add people to the mailing list without their approval, and that all recipients on the mailing lists must register in person, and the mailing lists are not used to distribute spam. 
    - Messages are considered spam if they violate the guidelines for newsgroups or send to those who did not request them or provide a postal address for public use without asking for approval to receive messages. 
    - Distributing or selling programs that serve the above activities. 
    - Any customer who repeats “mail bombed” or incites such activities is considered to be in breach of the terms of this agreement.
  8. Technical support: 
    a. Yasham Company provides technical support in the field of services that it provides to its customers only. This support does not include problems resulting from the customer using any of the external programs in a wrong way, as well as problems resulting from installing or running programs or pages or interpretation or solving problems of these programs and error messages, or any Errors committed by the customer such as: erasing all or any of its files or data, or the error in identifying data sources or downloading more than their capacity allocated within the shared service devices. 
    b. Yasham Company provides technical support to clients through one of its technical support systems, and it has the right to create new systems. It also has the right to stop any of the existing systems of technical support, and customers will be informed about this for information. 
    c. The customer must always keep the order number in order to be answered in case the team is late.
  9. Accompanying programs: 
    a. Yasham company provides its customers with a set of programs that are available in the control panel, and these programs come from the source and the program code or user interface is not modified by the company, and the technical support for these programs is through the sites of companies producing those programs. 
    b. Using the programs provided by Yasham Company to customers means agreeing that the company is not responsible for any damages or problems caused as a result.
  10. Backup: 
    The company will daily, weekly, monthly back up all service devices on its networks to ensure that important files are not lost, but it will not be responsible for the loss of any data, resources or any resources as a result of any defects, errors or losses resulting from the process of restoring the backups. The customer is only responsible for maintaining the contents of his site from pages or programs or any files, data or databases of any kind, and the company will provide within the control panel very easy programs that make backup copies of the entire sites or databases on compressed files that are easy to download from the site to The client machine can be retrieved at any time with the same program and with ease.
  11. Terms and conditions for ordering services from Yasham Company: 
    a. You can submit the application through customer service on the website 
    b. The customer authorization of Yasham Company is as follows: 
    - Any inquiry to the customer or the user through the customer service on the website. 
    - Any financial benefits to the customer resulting from the provision of services requested through the customer's account in the service of Yasham Company. 
    c. Yasham Company reserves the right to refuse, for any reason, any instructions or inquiries received from the customer through the Yasham customer service. 
    d. The customer must make every effort to ensure that the persons authorized by him are only authorized to enter the services of the Yasham Company and the customer is responsible for not disclosing any user who is allowed to enter the services of the Yasham company about his identity as a user or his secret number to any other person, and the customer agrees to The responsibility of Yasham Company, any of its agents or distributors, or the responsibility of its employees for any claim, loss, expenses, delay, or expenses arising from any of the instructions, request, or inquiries Or operations carried out through the company of Yasham by any person who is not authorized to use the user’s ID or password, in the event that the user’s password or identity is exposed to any other person, the customer or user must inform that company immediately and send a written report at once and the customer will be responsible in this case for the following: 
    - All instructions and inquiries implemented by Yasham Company, based on the user’s identity or password, until the company receives a written notice and signs it from the customer stating that the transaction will be stopped, sending a technical support request, or calling from the number registered with the company. 
    - The customer is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all data related to the user’s identity, secret number and account or any other data that can be accessed, downloaded or stored in a computer or any other similar electronic device, and the customer also confirms that in the event that the Internet is used to access the services of a company, he bears full responsibility for any consequences arising from the unauthorized use or misuse of any unauthorized entity and whether that results in direct or indirect financial losses or damages to the customer or the Yasham company. 
    - The client authorizes Yasham Company to provide him with all notices and correspondence through this technical support, in addition to his pledge to take all precautions to maintain the confidentiality of the messages received through technical support.
  12. General Conditions: 
    a. In the event of a violation of this agreement, the service will be suspended from the customer until the completion of the investigation in order to prevent any damages. 
    b. Any failure or delay on the part of the Yasham Company to exercise any right, authority, or concession in its own right does not constitute a waiver of that right or any part thereof, and any practice on the part of Yasham of any right, authority, or concession will not prevent it from repeating this practice or any Another practice The rights and judicial measures available are legitimate and mutually reinforcing. It does not exclude any other rights or judicial measures provided for by applicable law, regulation, or instructions. 
    c. And unless a text is stipulated in these conditions, it is subject to the laws, regulations and customs in force in the Turkish Republic, and it is competent to settle disputes over which litigation bodies or committees of judicial jurisdiction in the state may arise. The terms of the agreement are subject to change at any time by the company’s management, and customers will be notified in time, and the customer’s or user’s use of the Yasham Company’s services is considered acceptance of these amendments.
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